The CYBATHLON is a unique championship for people with disabilities competing in six disciplines, using advanced assistive devices including robotic technologies to solve everyday tasks.

At MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2018, you have the chance to test the power of your thoughts and experience one of the six CYBATHLON disciplines: In the Brain-Computer Interface Race, pilots use brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) to control avatars in a specially developed computer game. BCIs measure brain signals, and there are plans to develop this technology further so that in future it will allow people with quadriplegia to control different kinds of devices like computers or wheelchairs. CYBATHLON’s BrainRunners was developed through a joint collaboration between ETH Zurich and the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Do you have the mental focus to will your avatar to the finish line?

The Powered Wheelchair Race pilots with motorised wheelchairs compete against each other on parallel tracks to overcome several obstacles that are typical in daily life. At MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2018, the Russian Team CaterWil, which participated in the first CYBATHLON 2016, will be present and demonstrate their technology – a wheelchair that can climb stairs. It uses wheels on smooth surface and tracks on stairs.

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Brain-Computer Interface Race

ETH Zürich/Nicola Pitaro

Powered Wheelchair Race

ETH Zürich/Alessandro Della Bella