Medicine + Sports Conference Programme

Programme Structure

09.00 Conference welcome by MFA, AFSM & SMAS

Session 1 – Sports for Health – The Role of Physical Activity in Healthcare (supp. by SMAS)
Public Health – Wearable Technologies – Exercise in the Elderly – Exercise is Medicine

Co- moderated by Dr. Ivy Lim, Member, Sports Medicine Association Singapore, Public Outreach Director, Exercise is Medicine Singapore, Medical Delegate, Asian Fencing Confederation.

Dr. Mandy Zhang, Associate Consultant, SMAS, Sports Singapore and Exercise Medicine, Changi General Hospital, Vice President SMAS:“The rise of consumer health wearables: Promises and barriers”

Dr. Ang Seng Bin, Senior Consultant, Family Physician Head, Family Medicine Service Head, Menopause Unit Adjunct Assistant Professor, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Curtin University Australia: “Wearables and the impact of health in women”

Mr. Micheal Lim / Ms. Teresa Shiu, Head & Principal Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Sports Medicine Programme, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Vice President SMAS / Senior Lecturer, School of Sports, Health and Leisure, Republic Polytechnic: “InTrainer buddy – An interactive web resource supporting physical activity for children and youth with special needs”

Dr. Fadzil Hamzah, Senior Staff Registrar, Sport Singapore and Exercise Medicine Centre, Changi General Hospital: “Exercise in the elderly: Safety first, so you last”

Mr. Kenneth Mc Geough, Senior Manager and Active Health Coach, Sport Singapore: “The active health ecosystem”


Session 2 – Injury Prevention & Return to Play Evidence Practice (supp. by AFSM)
Injury Prevention Warm-Up – Taping – Movement Analysis – New Approaches in Diagnostics

Prof. Dr. Patrick Yung (tbc), President, AFSM, Chair of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Chinese University of Hong Kong:

Dr. Mok Kam Ming (tbc), Sports Biomechanics, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Commission Member, AFSM:

Ms. Kate Yung (tbc), Sports Physiotherapist, Commission Member, AFSM:

13.00 Networking Lunch

Session 3 – Optimizing Performance and Recovery in Elite Sports Training
Individualization of Training – Sports Psychology – Recovery – Fatigue Science

Dr. Raymond So (tbc), Sports Physiologist, Director of Elite Training Science and Technology, Board Member, AFSM, Chinese University of Hong Kong:

Dr. Bryan Lau (tbc), Sports Physician, Commission Member, AFSM:

Mr. Hardaway Chan (tbc), Strength & Conditioning Coach, Commission Member, AFSM, Hong Kong Sports Institute:

Ms. KK Lo (tbc), Strength & Conditioning Coach, Commission Member, AFSM:

Dr. Richard Swinbourne, Team Lead Sports Nutrition. Sleep Scientist, Singapore Sports Institute: “Fatigue science-changing the game in high performance sport”

Mr. Danny Lum, Team Lead (Strength & Conditioning), Sport Singapore: “Optimising sports performance using velocity-based training”


Session 4 – Digital Innovations in Sports and Healthcare
Wearable Technologies – Health apps – Digital Tools for Diagnostics – Training and Rehabilitation

17.30 Summary and Closing Remarks

38th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia on 10 December 2020
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