Start-Up Park

The evolution of the medical and healthcare industry has made technology a part of the healthcare sector, with mobile health apps, wearable technologies, to 3D Printing, robo-doctors, and genomics playing an integral role for the next phase of the industry.

The Start-Up Park is a dedicated showcase for innovative start-ups with cutting-edge healthcare technologies to meet the future needs of the industry.

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Set within the Start-Up Park, there will be the Future for Health (FTR4H) Lab & Lounge – a networking platform that facilitates the exchange of ideas and discussions among digital health start-ups, tech incubators, e-health think tanks, companies and investors. Read more about FTR4H Lab & Lounge.

FTR4H Lab & Lounge


Mobile: Feature Phones| Smartphones | Phablets | Tablets | Wearables | AR/VR | Voice Assistants
IoT: Internet of Things | Sensors | Drones | Robots | 3D Printers | Smart Things like cars and homes
Data: Big Data | Smart Data | Genomics | Data | Bio Informatics
AI: Medical Diagnosis | Robo-Doc | Health Advisor | Machine Learning | Health Assistant | New Health

Technology has changed the way we live, becoming part and parcel of our daily lives. Nowhere has this been more evident perhaps, than in the area of healthcare with the upsurge in digital healthcare solutions.

Home to more than half of the world’s Internet users, Asia Pacific’s digital health sector has immense potential and will undoubtedly be the key driver of growth by marrying healthcare and technology to provide enhanced efficacy and convenience for end-users.

Against this dynamic industry backdrop, MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2018 will present for the first time, the FTR4H (Future 4 Health) Lab & Lounge - a forward-thinking showcase highlighting companies in the field of digital health that will demonstrate their latest capabilities and progressive technological innovations in mHealth, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Data, IoT and more; key pillars that define the future of the medical and healthcare ecosystem.

FTR4H is a global network for movers and shakers in the digital health scene and part of a worldwide innovation ecosystem that explores how digital transformation is driving the healthcare industry. It is an international platform which enables meetings, networking, and discussions among digital health start-ups, ehealth think tanks, companies, investors, including accelerators and media. A concept supported by the world’s no.1 medical and healthcare trade fair, MEDICA, organised by Messe Düsseldorf, FTR4H first debuted in the US at the SXSW trade fair in Texas, then at MEDICAL FAIR INDIA. Now making its way to Southeast Asia, the FTR4H Lab & Lounge is where healthcare meets technology.

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