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The core technology of Cenefom Corp. is the manufacturing of medical grade air-foaming PVA sponge. There are currently no more than five suppliers of this material in the world. The air-foaming PVA sponge has excellent performance in many characteristics, and can adjust its specifications and shaping processing for different intended uses, such as liquid absorption capability, moisture retention, drainage, tensile strength, softness, etc., so it can be widely used in various medical devices, ex. ophthalmic surgical sponge, ENT surgical sponge, various medical tampons and wound drainage dressings.

Advantages of air foaming PVA sponge:
1. Good biocompatibility
2. Excellent liquid absorption capability and very soft in wet
3. Lint-free, fiber-free and not prone to grow bacteria
4. High tensile strength and easy to process
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