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80% of MedScan3D customers are based in the medical device sector (Boston Scientific, Medtronic) and education work within hospitals accounts for the remaining 20% of their customers. Current testing models are not as clinically relevant as their customers would like and they often come to MedScan3D looking for an improved option which they can adjust or take from CT scans. Therefore, MedScan3D has developed a process to 3D print suitable moulds for a silicone model and formulate silicone material with a coating for lubrication, to mimic the low friction properties of target tissues. Our company has significant expertise in 3D printing polymers and biomedical engineering.

Our main USP is our consultation and team expertise provided. We have a team that includes
a 3D printing expert, a CAD design expert, and a segmentation expert. Therefore, we not only
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