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The BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG displays real-time and quality 12-lead waveforms by the expertise in noise filtering and ECG signal processing, the best equipment for quick health-prescreening for doctor visit, telemedicine kit, and other carry-out applications:

- Palm-sized portability and PC-based system, easily operated on PC or notebook, convenient for carry-out applications
- Defibrillator protection & pace-maker detection for best safety when using on ambulance for pre-hospital ECG screening
- The free PC ECG software interprets real-time ECG waveforms, saves and manages ECG reports and patient profiles
- Print ECG report with general A4 paper, saving costs of thermal paper
- Digital report of PNG file can share to remote consulting team, easy for tele-consultation
- Android/Windows/Linux API available for quick hospital/telemedicine system integration
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