Product Highlights

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We are a pioneer in providing Nordic high-quality IT-solutions for social care and healthcare, both in the public and
private sectors. Our core solutions include customer and patient data management (EMR), ERP, mobile documentation, and digital services. Our solutions have a proven track record of streamlining patient processes securely and cost-efficiently. Our solutions enable mobility for the customer and the professional saving up to 25% of work time in our customer organizations. Our real-time mobile documentation allows the professional to view, manage, and document information near the customer, regardless of time or place.

According to our surveys, our technology has a competitive edge of 2-4 years compared to solutions outside the Nordics. We have contributed as technical providers for multiple Finnish national healthcare and social care systems, known for their leading tech know-how. Our solutions are widely tested in practice: they are used in the national level and comprise a population near to million inhabitants. We also carry out the technical implementation of a national digital self-care service concept for over 5,5 million inhabitants in 2020 (for example COVID symptom check-up).
Communication, IT & Connected Health