Product Highlights

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Nea offers a line of highly functional, premium braces, sold, accepted, proven, and endorsed by medical professionals and top athletes around the world. A quality line of products goes with a high level of support (marketing, education, conditions). This will give our partner a new way of entrance in the market. It may not be their fastest-selling product, but it may generate good sales and increase the image of a quality supplier.

The excellent function, the attractive, unique, and unconventional design, the quality of the materials, the slim fit, the comfort, and the excellent function are the key reasons why doctors, therapists, and patients requiring a quality product, choose a Push Brace. Push Braces don’t immobilize/ restrict joints. They support an injured joint to ensure a quick recovery and freedom of movement. It supports the patient exactly where support is needed and leaves other body parts free. Patient compliance to therapy with a Push Brace is therefore very high. Push Braces are designed to be highly functional and are for long-term use. Nea has some innovative world-leading and unique products designed for very specific, niche indications needing medical specialists and good education to sell. Therefore there is not much competition. Some of the products could replace custom-made orthosis or plaster cast treatment. They offer a more comfortable solution, with higher support/ function at a cheaper price. Many clinical trials have been done with a positive result for Push. Nea has strong partnerships with national and international medical institutions and sports associations.
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