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Surface Medical Inc. (SMI) is a Canadian medical device company that develops repair products for high-touch surfaces in the patient environment. These surfaces are routinely damaged and may harbor pathogens that result in cross-contamination between patients and frontline workers, leading to disease outbreaks and even death.

To address this problem, SMI developed the CleanPatch; product line, a proprietary CE mark, FDA, and Health Canada registered class 1 medical device that restores surfaces to an intact and hygienic state. After two years of research, CleanPatch for mattresses and stretchers was launched in 2013. CleanPatch-V for vinyl surfaces was launched in 2017, and the newest addition to the CleanPatch product line, CleanPatch-P for gel patient pads, was launched in 2019.

SMI has been recognized for its innovative products and its contribution to patient safety, and in numerous health regions, it has been implemented as the standard of care for soft surface repair.
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