11 Sep – 13 Sep 2024  | 
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
MFAM + Sports Conference

Medicine + Sports Conference

4 CME Points

The MEDICAL FAIR ASIA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE will once again make its return to MEDICA FAIR ASIA. A multi-disciplinary thought-leadership conference, the full-day programme will bring together regional and international leading sports medicine and sports science experts, renowned physiotherapists and healthcare professionals, professional athletes, and sports techies and visionaries for an insightful dialogue on innovative approaches in prevention, training, regeneration and rehabilitation.

The MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE ecosystem was founded in 2013 at MEDICA, the world´s largest medical trade show. The conference has been THE highlight of MEDICA for the past nine years and will once again be held during MEDICA 2022. In 2016, the leading international platform for innovation and an interdisciplinary dialogue made its way to ASIA. The MEDICAL FAIR ASIA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE is the benchmark event for sports medicine and related disciplines in Asia.

The MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCES have been recognized by the medical chambers as advanced training events for 9 years and are associated with the acquisition of advanced training points.

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Date: 1 Sep 2022
Venue: Conference Room, Hall D1

9:00 h Conference Welcome by MFA, AFSM & SMAS
9:30 h
SESSION 1 - Sports and Exercise in the Pandemic
(supp. by SSMC@CGH, EIMS & SMAS)
COVID-19 and Physical Inactivity – Active Health Ecosystem – DIY: Maxi- mise Exercise with Wearables & Apps
Dr. Fadzil Hamzah - Senior Staff Registrar, Sport & Exercise Medicine, Changi General Hospital
"A Tale of Two Pandemics: COVID-19 & Physical Inactivity"
Dr. Joshua Li Zhongyi - Registrar, Sport & Exercise Medicine, Changi General Hospital
"Exercise and Return to Play after COVID-19”
Dr. Shannon Chia Jingyi - Manager Planning & Research Active Health, Sport Singapore
"A “100-Year” Perspective with Active Health”
Dr. Lim Baoying - Registrar, Sport & Exercise Medicine, Changi General Hospital
"Maximising Exercise with Wearables & Apps”
11:15 h
SESSION 2 – Injury Prevention & Return to Play Evidence Practice
(supp. by AFSM)
Injury Prevention – Movement Analysis – New Approaches in Diagnostics
Prof. Patrick Yung - President, Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM), Chairman, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
"Sports Injury Prevention – Where we are & where we go?"
Dr. Kam Ming Mok - Co-Op Member, Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM), As- sistant Manager (Physical Education), Office of Student Affairs, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
"We judge from what we see – Evidences from movement analysis"
Ms. Kate Yung - Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist
"Return to play- a perspective from the complex systems approach"
12:30 h Networking Lunch
13:30 h
SESSION 3 – Optimizing Performance and Recovery in Elite Sports
(supp. by AFSM)
Individualization of Training – Sports Psychology – Recovery
Dr. Raymond So - Executive Committee Member, Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM), Director, Elite Training Science & Technology, Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong
"The current trend of recovery in elite sports training"
Dr. Byran Lau - Chief Medical Executive, Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong
"Yoga Medicine for sports recovery"
Mr. Hardaway Chan - Senior Scientific Conditioning Coach, Elite Training Science & Tech- nology Division, Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong
"Application of Velocity based monitoring on strength and power training in elite sportsmen"
Ms. Ka Kay Lo - Sports Development Manager, The Centre for Sports and Exercise, The University of Hong Kong
"How mindfulness enhance sports performance during the games"
15:00 h
SESSION 4 – Performing Arts Medicine
(supp. by SSMC@CGH, EIMS & SMAS)
Individualization in Diagnostics and Training – Dance - Instrumental - Voice
Dr. Mandy Zhang - Consultant, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Changi General Hospital, Vice President Sports Medicine Association Singapore (SMAS)
"Bridging the doctor-danc- er relationship in medical consult"
Ms. Adda Sue - Physiotherapist and dancer
"Injury prevention and recovery strategies for dancers"
Dr. Lim Ang Tee - Consultant Sport & Exercise Medicine, Changi General Hospital
"Incidence of Musculoskeletal problems in the musician"
Ms. Christine Goh Shi-En - Senior Occupational Therapist, Changi General Hospital
"Healthy hands for musicians: Principles and practice"
Prof. Lu Kuo Sun Peter - Senior Consultant, Otorhinolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery Changi General Hospital
"Hearing Problems in Performance Artists"
Dr. David Lau - ENT Surgeon
When should I see the doctor for my voice, and other medical aspects of voice care
17:00 h
SESSION 5 – Digital Innovations in Sports and Healthcare
Wearable Technologies – Health apps – Digital Tools for Diagnostics, Training and Rehabilitation
Mr. Reimut Hellmerichs - Vice President Business Development EMEA, KINEXON Sports & Media GmbH
“Intelligent performance management for player health”
17:30 h Summary and Closing Remarks
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